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About The Penguin Pals

Here are the Penguin Pals!

Anoush/ Spade 13


I’m Spade 13, and I like to Play Club Penguin A lot. As I played I have found some cheats, So I made many Club Penguin Cheat site, I also have my own army. I really like to play soccer, and swim. I have many friends in the real world, and CP. I like to make jokes, and funny pics. I AM A PENGUIN PAL!



Hi! I’m Mcmo11, and im not on Club Penguin every hour of the day, but I get on sometimes, almost every day, and you can find me on the servers Frozen (UK), or on Mammoth (USA), most of the time at the dock, or on Rockhoppers ship. I also play Webkinz a little bit, and a absolutly HATE RuneScape. But I love playing Club Penguin, and ill try to get on whenever I can. I AM A PENGUIN PAL!


I’m Mcmo13 and I play Club Penguin a lot. I have a lot of friends and I don’t know what I would do without them. I’M A PENGUIN PAL!




12 Responses

  1. put me on im in penguin pals (ur blogroll i mean)

  2. couldn’t you do it yourself?

  3. no

  4. lol! picture not avalible i’ll get a pic

  5. Whoops help it went wrong! i’ll try and fix it

  6. 😛 yay! it worked!

  7. Can I join the penguin pals?

  8. Hey, i know spade13, and he said i should join.

  9. Hey spade its ranif agian man you should be famos or…. somthing well I am just saying that your such a good penguin!

  10. Pudding, Stop lying!
    Hey Ranif! Thanks for saying I should be famouse, but you’re the real one who should be famouse! 😉

  11. im a member

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