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Chat as much as you want just don’t cuss, be racial or talk about sexual or adult language.


12 Responses

  1. I think you mean curse

  2. hi

  3. ok i will copy my post the way to get the new mission stuff since i already did it..

    ♣Jetair23™♣◊ :mrgreen:

  4. hello

  5. How Do I Join the Penguin Pals?

  6. why did you delete the no more admins post?

  7. Cause People were fighting on it!

  8. then deleate the comments.

  9. and man! put up some posts this is a waste of space

  10. I have 9 sites I have to deal with. Shouldn’t one of the admins do it?!?!?!
    Why do you think I got them?! Just for them to be a part of it.
    If that’s how it is, I’m parably going to delete this site!

  11. what are the other 8 sites name?????
    p.s. i can never remember what i say 😦

  12. wahy don’t you talk on this ?

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